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Other Scholarships

In addition to awarding scholarship opportunities for academic merit, Murdoch University Dubai also recognises the efforts of those who require financial aid or who have exceptional circumstances which limit their chances at quality higher education. For these reasons, we have included two additional scholarships.

A. Early Action - Early Decision Award

Foundation and Undergraduate

If you are looking to join our Foundation Program or any of our Undergraduate programs, it’s always best to apply early. The Foundation Program is great if you’re still deciding on your undergraduate course or topping up on some the basics to equip you better for the university experience.

Apply for the May 2018 intake by 30 April 2018 in order to qualify for a 20% tuition bursary towards your foundation and undergraduate program tuition.


MBA applicants

With an increasing demand for MBA qualified candidates, The Murdoch School of Business and Governance is dedicated to providing you with a postgraduate experience second to none. Our 100% employment and satisfaction rate makes our graduates the first choice for employers.

As spaces are limited for our MBA programme, we encourage our applicants to submit their applications as early as possible. We are offering a tuition bursary of 20% on the full tuition fee if you submit your application by 30 April 2018 for the May 2018 intake.

The Scholarship is subject to applicants meeting the entry criteria.

Master of Education

Our Master of Education Program provides the education profession and the community with leaders capable of addressing critical issues in educational practice, policy and research. It is IBO Recognised and has been designed for teachers, educational administrators and professionals who seek to extend and deepen their expertise.

Apply for the May 2018 intake by 30 April 2018 in order to qualify for a 20% tuition bursary towards your MEd program tuition.

The Master of Education Scholarship is subject to applicants meeting the entry criteria.

B. Financial Aid

If you qualify for Income Support, you may be entitled to receive the Special Support Grant which entitles from 10-25% of the total course tuition fee.

C. Murdoch Athletic and Sports Award

  • Achieved a 65% academic record in their secondary school results for undergraduate admission and completion of a Bachelor degree with a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 out of 4.0 or equivalent for postgraduate admission
  • Applicant(s) must be a current and selected representative member of a sport (individual or team) these include: football, basketball (Men’s and Women’s) and cricket. The applicant must participate at the emirate/state, national or international level. The sport must also be sanctioned, authorized and/or controlled by a representative body (i.e.: an association, federation, committee) at a state, national or international level
  • The Extra-Curricular Scholarship is extended to those who have gained certification or commendations in Chess or Math competitions. Students must present their membership ID and qualifications. Participation can be the emirate/state, national or international level.
  • Apply by the deadline and submit a 300-500 word essay on “How high school/ varsity athletics has an influence on my life and personality”.
  • Candidates should submit a copy of 2 highest achievements in sports they have achieved. Students should also include a letter of recommendation issued by their coach or athletic director.
  • Successful applicants can get up to 15% reduction in tuition.
  • Open to University transfer students and high school graduates.
  • Applicants must submit their application and meet the entry requirements by 18 January 2018 for January 2018 intake in order to qualify for the Scholarship.

D. Murdoch Talent and Leadership Award

Apply by the deadline 30th April 2018 and submit a 300 word essay describing your participation in extracurricular activities and how you would add value to the Murdoch Dubai Student Body?


Discuss a leadership experience you have had in any area of your life. You are encouraged to submit any 2 extracurricular certificates of achievement and a recommendation letter from your high school counselor or college advisor.

E. Grants, Discounts, Awards and Fee Waivers

GCC Citizen Grant

A GCC citizen, entering his/her first year of any full-time undergraduate or post graduate degree programme will be eligible for a tuition grant of 15% on the total tuition fee.

Immediate family fee waiver

Murdoch University, Dubai offers a percentage fee waiver to the immediate family members including, spouse and siblings of currently enrolled students. On meeting the required eligibility criteria of their chosen course, family members will qualify for a fee waiver as per below:

  • 1st family member – No fee waiver
  • 2nd family member - 10% off tuition fee
  • Over 2 family members enrolling - 15% off tuition fee for each enrolled family member
  • 10% fee waiver off tuition fees to any immediate family member of alumni
  • Awarded on receipt of documentary evidence proving the relationship of the registered applicant and the alumnus or student.

Alumni Recognition Award

Murdoch University, Dubai also offers a percentage fee waiver off tuition fees to Murdoch Alumni, who wish to continue their studies at the University. This can include the progression from Undergraduate to Postgraduate programs or the opportunity to complete a second degree at the PG level.

  • UG Alumni – 15 % off PG Course Fee
  • PG Alumni – 10 % off additional PG Units
  • Murdoch University, Dubai also offers a 10% fee waiver off tuition fees to any immediate family member of alumni.

Corporate Partnerships and Group Discounts

Murdoch University, Dubai Corporate Partnership Discount policy applies to employees and their immediate family who plan to enrol for the university's undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs offered at the Dubai campus.

For more information on corporate partnerships and group discounts, please contact  Gary.Fernandes@murdochdubai.ac.ae

Click here to download the Scholarship Application form.

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