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Outstanding Achievement Award


Murdoch University, Dubai was proud to recognise the outstanding achievement of IT student Vladyslav Kalinin in a prestigious ceremony held on campus last week.
Vlad not only received recognition from the Dubai campus where he is a current student but also from Murdoch University Perth’s Vice Chancellor, Professor Richard Higgot. Vlad was awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Commendation for Academic Excellence. Vlad has achieved a Higher Distinction in all but one of his units and secured a position in the top 2% of students enrolled in a Bachelors degree and achieving a minimum of 15 credit points of High Distinction within the review period.

Vlad joined Murdoch University, Dubai at the age of 17 and followed his interest in IT and computer games to an academic level. Originally from Ukraine, Vlad found it difficult to settle into a school in the UAE when he first arrived at the age of 12 for various reasons. As a result, he became accustomed to having tutors for his high school studies. During this period, he developed a keen interest for computer games and became an expert in all computer related antics. His interest and intelligence has shone through his work at Murdoch University, Dubai. Under the guidance of IT lecturer, Wayne Muller, Vlad has been able to develop his understanding and produced cutting edge work which will provide him with a sound backing when he enters the professional world. Of particular interest is that Vlad has been working from a second generation basic desktop to create his work. Vlad was awarded with a state of the art laptop in order to aid him with his work at this critical stage. Murdoch University have highlighted Vlad as an individual who has shown ambition and intellect and made the impossible, possible.
To mark this first of many outstanding achievements, Murdoch University Dubai’s Vice Chairman, Mr Rakesh Wahi made a special appearance at the ceremony to award Vlad the Vice Chancellors pin which had been sent from the parent campus in Perth.

Murdoch University, Dubai’s Pro-Vice Chancellor, Professor John Grainger closed the ceremony with the promise to celebrate more outstanding students in the very near future.