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Murdoch University at EPIC Dubai 2011

Dan EPIC.jpg
Mr. Dan Adkins, academic director of Murdoch University's School of Environmental Science,
speaks at EPIC Dubai

Murdoch University Dubai participated in the ‘Eco-wise Progressive and Intelligent Consumer’ (EPIC) exhibition in Dubai Mall. 
The event, held on 22 – 24 June, was the first of its kind in the region. Designed to allow providers to exhibit eco-friendly goods
and services, EPIC’s central purpose was to promote and raise awareness about sustainable living.

A wide range of service-providers were involved in the exhibition, including business, environmental and social organizations. Murdoch University Dubai was the only Dubai-based University taking part.

The university utilized the opportunity to exhibit their Environmental Management and Sustainable Development program. The course, designed for environmentalists, aims to provide students with the tools and knowledge necessary to contribute to the development of sustainable living in the region.

The university also exhibited images from their photography competition, themed ‘Saving the Environment’. Winning photographs were displayed at Dubai Mall during EPIC Dubai.

Mr. Daniel Adkins, academic director of Murdoch’s school of environmental science, spoke at the event about everyday ways in which consumers could limit their daily energy consumption by recycling, and being careful about the products they consume.

Mr. Adkins was pleased to have the opportunity to speak to a large audience about some of the most critical issues facing today’s global community.

‘Murdoch University was proud to participate in EPIC and share with the public ways to save money and greatly reduce waste and energy use.  Unfortunately, conservation, by itself is not sufficient.  Our environmental sciences programs are equipping the next generation to create a world that can sustainably support the nearly 9 billion people predicted to be alive in 2050. In the early 1900’s it was estimated that the Earth could not provide enough food for the projected population of the world in the late 1900’s.  Norman Ernest Borlaug, who is arguably the greatest person who lived in the twentieth century, developed new strains of several food plants, saving the lives of over 1 billion people and allowing our current population of nearly 7 billion to be fed.  Our goal is to equip our students to develop such life sustaining technology.’

Professor John Grainger, speaking on behalf of the University, expressed his gratitude at being given an opportunity to contribute to the fight for sustainable living.

‘Due to exponential global population growth rates, and remarkable advances in technology, the world is fast approaching the day when we will no longer be able to rely on non-renewable sources of energy. Murdoch University encourages the thinkers of today to care about the future. We are proud to take a stand on sustainable living – in order to protect tomorrow, today.’