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New World MBA for Murdoch University Dubai

Abdullah Al Suwaidi

Dubai, January 26, 2017

We often marvel at the remarkable pace at which business landscapes continue to transform. Globalization and technological advancement create a need for corporations and businesses to adapt rapidly in order to maximise productivity and ROI. In support of this need, the educational sector is adopting innovative and even revolutionary approaches to teaching and program content.

Globally the MBA is one of the most sought after educational credentials and is well recognised by employers and senior executives. Murdoch University’s School of Business and Governance has recently introduced a one year ‘New World MBA’ program, which aims to inculcate transcultural leaders with the latest management skills that allow them to make effective business decisions. It also allows students to put their innovative ideas to work and includes a broad range of business disciplines encompassing global themes.

Dan Adkins, Murdoch University Dubai’s Academic Director explains, “Murdoch University has developed an MBA for the 21st century that focuses on globalisation, inter-cultural leadership, and innovative business ideas. Those graduating from this exceptional program will find themselves well positioned for leadership in the fast-moving and ever changing world of 21st century business."

The program has also been structured to accommodate full-time and part-time study. With four flagship units addressing business context and strategies, two business competency units that teach essential financial and accounting concepts, and a choice of two additional electives, the revamped MBA program can be completed as quickly as one year or over a longer period. A key objective of the program is to provide participants with practical insights and networking opportunities. This is facilitated by leading faculty who have a proven track record in business.

Murdoch’s New World MBA Program allows students to add depth to their knowledge and embrace new practices, allowing them to widen their boundaries. Learn more about the program at www.murdochdubai.ac.ae and explore opportunities to gain a competitive edge in highly challenging markets.

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