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Murdoch University Dubai students show entrepreneurial spirit as part of a new magazine launch

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Standing in the spotlight next to a Dodge Challenge painted with their company logo, four current Murdoch University Dubai students participated in the launch of the magazine for which they all work; the UAE’s only locally produced magazine for automotive enthusiasts.

A fresh concept always finds its place in the Dubai market, and to spearhead this concept requires a great deal of dedication, hard work, creativity and most importantly a good team.

Torque Middle East is the result of some great minds who wanted to explore the pervasive automotive lifestyle of Dubai. The managing partners and creators of the project, Nijeesh Najeeb, Saeed Al Akraby and Rushil Rohan had a strong idea of what they wanted to deliver and to whom. The first edition of the magazine was launched on the 30th of October 2015, while the first edition for public sale will be available on the 2nd of December to coincide with the UAE National Day.

The core team of seven members each of whom is really passionate about the automotive industry and equipped with industry leading skills, work very closely to ensure that their new magazine really satisfies the interests of the great number of automotive enthusiasts in the UAE. Four of the team are current Murdoch University Dubai students pursuing their final year studies in the fields of Journalism, Public Relations, Marketing, Management and Screen Production. Having been part of the student council, Arjun Sambyal, Aiyda Khan, Beni Ohelo and Faryal Shahid were exposed to numerous leadership roles and have gained hands-on learning experience at the University.

Arjun, who is the current President of the student council at Murdoch Dubai is heading the marketing department at Torque. He is well informed about the market and knows how to achieve great results. With his studies in screen production, Beni is Torque’s official photographer. Aiyda, a journalism student and the chief editor says, “I have been crazy about cars since I can remember, and this for me is my dream job and it just gets better each day”. Faryal with her training in public relations and her passion for meeting new people, performs the digital marketing for the magazine.

Torque Middle East is a monthly magazine for the numerous car and bike enthusiasts in UAE and the wider Middle East. Featuring everything from hyper cars to economy cars and racing bikes to buggies, the magazine will also showcase some garages across the UAE, clubs for different types of cars and adventure spots. The team is optimistic about the success of the magazine in the Dubai market and thankful that they are getting to apply all that they have learnt at Murdoch University in Dubai.

For more information contact:
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PR and Marketing Executive
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Vice President Marketing and Student Recruitment
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