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Advanced Standing at Murdoch University 

Some students may have prior study that makes them eligible for Advanced Standing. This is also known as Credit and/or Exemption. 

Students may be eligible for Advanced Standing towards their Murdoch degree if they have completed any other undergraduate or postgraduate studies at a recognised institution. 

At Murdoch University, there are two basic criteria that the student must satisfy in order to graduate with a Murdoch degree:

  • The student must achieve the total number of credit points required for a particular program. For example, a three year undergraduate degree at Murdoch typically requires a total of 72 points.
  • The student must successfully complete all the required Core Units and any Specified Electives of your program. 

If a student is given credit, this reduces the number of credit points from the total number of points required to complete a particular program.  It is awarded at specific levels. In the undergraduate study credit at Part I refers to first year level, while credit at Part II refers to second and third year level. Each program will require student to achieve a certain number of credit points at particular levels. 

Exemption may be granted when a student’s prior study significantly overlaps the content of one or more of their required units of their Murdoch course of study. Bear in mind that regardless of the amount of credit awarded, a student must still complete all the core units required in their degree unless they have been specifically exempted from certain units.

Application for Advanced Standing 

If the student has indicated on her/his university application that s/he wishes to be assessed for Advanced Standing, this will be reviewed by an Accreditation Officer once the student has been offered and has accepted a place at Murdoch University.
In order to determine if a student qualifies for advanced standing towards his/her Murdoch degree, the student would need to provide the following:

  1. Original academic transcripts/statement of results
  2. Detailed course description of what the student studied within each relevant individual subject of prior studies including learning objectives and outcomes, and textbooks for each unit completed. A copy of prior institution's handbook unit descriptions or a subject's course outline is usually sufficient. Note: Names and codes of the unit descriptions should be exactly the same as the names and codes of the units on the academic transcript.
  3. A breakdown of the assessment and grading scheme for each unit.
  4. Examination paper for each unit (if possible).
  5. Application Form for Advanced Standing (forms attached for Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs) 

Once the assessment of the student’s prior studies is complete, the student will be sent a Confirmation of Advanced Standing letter advising the advanced standing s/he has been awarded.

Please note: Transfer students may need to be of good academic standing at their previous university.