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On campus support

Murdoch University Dubai has a range of facilities and services that provide a vibrant and supportive environment. Listed below are a number of services available to our students:

Student Visa

Murdoch University Dubai sponsors residency visas through Dubai International Academic City for all students attending a course on campus. Residency visas are required for all International students and residents over the age of 18 who currently reside in Dubai.

Visa Sponsorship

If you require sponsorship from Murdoch University Dubai for your student visa, you will need to fill up the application for Student Entry Permit, attaching relevant documents and paying the applicable fee. In order to make an application for a visa, students need the following:

  • Passport: Clear coloured scan copy must be submitted with each application. The passport scan must include the front bio page and parent's information page. Please also ensure to inlcude a scanned copy of any previous residence visa and emirates id.
  • Passport Validity: your passport should be valid for more than six months for the visa to be processed otherwise your application will not be received by the Tecom government authorities.
  • 6 recent passport size photos: (4.3 cm x 5.5 cm) with a white background must be submitted.
  • Tuition receipt: Current timester tuition and visa fee receipt is required for processing the visa.
  • Tecom Undertaking letter-Duly filled and signed by the student.
  • Mandatory medical insurance unless students provide proof of existing medical insurance within the UAE.

SI. No

Service type

Current status



Cautionary deposit**


Student visa application

Student outside UAE (one year student visa and renewable)





Student visa application

Inside UAE - Tourist & visit visa, previous residence visa of any kind (one year student visa and renewable)





Student visa renewal

Sponsored students need to renew their visa every year until they complete their course from Murdoch University Dubai.





Student visa cancellation***

Sponsored students who graduated, discontinued, or who get employed during their studies should cancel their visa, exit the country and change status within the grace period.





Administration charges Non refundable 200 200 0


Medical Insurance 1200

***After your student visa is cancelled we'll hand over your passport & cancelled paper at the airport(Dubai), if you want to change your visa status in country within the grace show us your new entry permit copy and collect your passport and visa cancellation paper from us.
***Visa deposit refundable after the exit process or new visa copy which is on your passport page. 
** The cautionary deposit is refundable to sponsored students after cancellation of visa, and deduction of all outstanding dues.

*** Students who fail to cancel their student visa prior to leaving the UAE after graduation or withdrawal will be considered absconders by the TECOM free zone authority and will forfeit their cautionary deposit.
*** Emirates ID card is compulsory for all the sponsored students.

Important Visa Regulations:

  • Visas are only valid for one year and are renewable provided that the student is still enrolled in the Academic Institute for which the visa was initially issued. The only exceptions are those students enrolled in a post graduate program or graduate programs.
  • Only full time students can be granted a student visa.
  • All student visa application will be screened by the Student Hub of DIAC prior to dispatching them to the Dubai immigration.
  • Fees and turnaround times for granting student visas are subject to change from time to time by the Government authorities.
  • Security checks are expected for certain nationalities by the Ministry of Interior, timelines of which are not predictable by the university. During the security check process, students might exceed grace periods and/or overstay and are expected to pay overstay fines to the government; the university will not be held responsible as this process is beyond the university’s administrative control. Additionally, overstay fines cannot be waived off.
  • For student visa renewal, the same documents submitted for the initial student visa application has to be resubmitted gain for approval, a medical check-up is to be done, and security checks are possible, therefore students are advised to apply for their visa renewal a month prior to the visa expiry date.
  • All students who require university sponsorship must also enrol in the university’s medical insurance policy or else provide proof of existing medical insurance within the UAE.
  • All sponsored students must apply for the Emirates ID card.
  • Students on a residency permit are not permitted to work for any employer within or outside the TECOM zone.
  • All students on Dubai International Academic City visas must attend an International Student Orientation day that will be held in September, January and May Respectively.
  • Sponsored students must check this webpage frequently for periodic updates, and/or contact the Student Affairs Department or HR department directly for queries or assistance.
  • If student is exiting the UAE after visa cancellation, passport will be handed over to the student at Dubai Airport. This is to esnure that the student exit process has been completed.

Student Transportation

Murdoch University provides transportation for students. We have a bus service operating from different locations in and around Dubai. For more information please contact the Admissions and Student Services Staff.

discoverers_van_2.jpg Transportation - Image

For more information on transportation fees please click here

Important transportation regulations:

  • Transportation Fees can be paid via Cash, Cheque or by Credit Card.
  • The fees must be paid in advance along with the tuition fee for the semester/trimester, before the end of 2nd week from the semester commencement date.
  • In cases of temporary or permanent discontinuation of transportation usage by any student, the transportation fee is not refundable*
  • One way use of the transportation facility is calculated as half of the semester/trimester fee.
  • The transportation service can only be availed during the study/ assessment weeks; it cannot be availed during study breaks or for personal use.


Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai also collaborates with its corporate members to offer internship programmes, which provides an opportunity for students to interact and network with our member companies. We aim to provide vital industry linkages and channels for our students in their career advancement process and to provide support for our corporate members and other organizations who are interested in the recruitment of well-qualified job candidates. In addition, the Internship Training Programme aims to provide practical training for our students in industrial and commercial environments.

Financial Advice

Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai collaborates with financial Institutions to provide financial support to our students. We are happy to work with our students to help them identify suitable financial institutions to apply for student loans and to secure bank loans at a preferential rate. Our basic premise is to ensure all students are given equal opportunities to pursue their higher education.

Education loan tie-ups and agreements:

Visit the Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB) website

Visit the Mashreq Bank website

Student Grievances

The Student Affairs Office works to protect your academic rights and help with academic issues, grievances, appeals, discriminations and harassment complaints, providing you have valid grounds. Staff are available to assist and advise you in preparing your appeal. Advice is available on matters such as Unit Result Appeals, Deferred Assessment, Academic Progress, Withdrawals, Exclusions and Student Discipline etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you require assistance with any issue or grievance affecting your studies.

Academic/Personal Counseling

The University offers a free counseling service to all students enrolled at Murdoch. The Counseling Service provides free and confidential counseling support to assist students at Murdoch University is addressing academic and personal difficulties impacting upon their well-being and ability to study. Experienced professional counselors are available to assist with personal, relationship and study-related problems. Anxiety, depression, study/exam stress, lack of confidence or motivation, grief and other personal issues are some of the problems people commonly seek help with. Confidentiality is assured.

Career Advising

The Student Affairs also offers career advice which is a vital service for all students. Its role is to assist students to manage their career, and to be able to effectively market themselves to potential employers. Students can make appointments with a Careers Adviser to discuss their own career direction. The Advisers can also help students with résumés, addressing selection criteria and preparing for interviews.

Student Society

The activities offered by clubs & societies play an important part in campus life at Murdoch. All enrolled students automatically become Murdoch Student Society members.

  • Sports & Recreation: Student Society is committed to providing the best sports programs, facilities and recreation activities for all students.
  • Clubs: Joining a club is a great way of finding new friends while allowing you to get the best out of your stay on campus.
  • Activities: Other activities include parties, picnics and concerts. The Student Society is here to help you ensure your memories of time spent at Murdoch University are not just of assignments, lectures & books.