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Refer a friend

*Terms and Conditions

Who is eligible to participate in this student referral program?

Only current Murdoch Students and Murdoch Alumni qualify for this program. Families of current students or alumni who enrol at Murdoch do not qualify as a referral. We do have a separate discount program for immediate family. Please contact our admissions team for more information.

What is the validity of this Student Referral Program?

This program is valid for all intakes in 2018, i.e.January, May and Septmeber 2018.

What is a student referral?
A student referral is any individual that you know who might benefit from, or is interested in pursuing a
degree program at Murdoch University Dubai.

Which referrals qualify for a reward?

Any submitted referral, accepted into any of our academic programs and pays the relevant first semester tuition. It is important to note that your referral must not:

1) Have already been referred by someone else within the calendar year
2) Already exist in our database
3) Already be an enrolled student

Please also note: The referee’s contact details must be clearly mentioned in the application at the time of applying for admissions. The applicant should complete the enrolment process within 60 days of actual referral.

You will be notified if your referral does not qualify.

What does referral award comprise of and how do I qualify for a referral award or bonus?

The referral award per student is AED 3,000.
For you to be eligible, your referred friend must be accepted by into any of our degree programs and pay the relevant first semester tuition prior to course commencement.

Who can I contact with general questions about the Student Referral Program?

General queries can be addressed directly to our admissions office on admissions@murdochdubai.ac.ae