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Undergraduate Courses

Currently, Murdoch University, Dubai is offereing a wide range of undergraduate courses. Our courses are completed across a three year time period and are taught by an academically acclaimed faculty from across the globe. We promote independent study amongst our students to allow them to develop key decision making skills in preparation for when they enter the working world. Staff are always readily available for one to one tutorials and discussions in addition to timetabled lectures. Our students recieve a hands - on experience across all our degree programs and regularly provided with the opportunity to gain work experience across all our degree programs and are regularly provided with the opportunity to gain work experience with leading companies in their respective programs. All our programs allow students to transfer to Australia should they wish to complete their studies at our parent campus.

Murdoch Business School

Bachelor of Commerce in Finance (Bcom)

Bachelor of Commerce in Management (Bcom)

Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing (Bcom)

School of Media Communication and Culture

Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations (BCommun)

Bachelor of Media in Screen Production ( BMedia)

Bachelor of Communication in Journalism (BCommun)

School of Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems (BSc)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc)

What our students say

Jan Jamil 
20, Sustainable Development and Public Relations

I joined Murdoch University, Dubai because they offer environmental programs. Its warm and friendly atmosphere convinced me to apply/register, because ones educational surroundings are very important. I get to study a wide range of subjects; in addition the courses are specific, which makes it interesting to study. I believe being a graduate of Murdoch Dubai will offer me international recognition as it is known globally, which will give me a head start to my career.


Maunda Bahgat 18, Media Screen production and sound

I joined Murdoch Dubai because it offers good courses and I am interested in gaining an Australian degree from outside the country. I was looking to make new friends from different nationalities and participating in different activities especially sports. I like that my course allows me to use high equipment like a radio booth, TV studio and a professional camera and it's all about being creative.