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What are my career options?

As a Murdoch Marketing graduate, your employment outlook is bright, especially if you combine it with other disciplines. Depending on which skill combinations or specialisations you have, your Murdoch degree may lead you towards work and study opportunities in a number of areas. The following are some professions to consider.

Professions What they do
Convention Services Manager Convention Services Managers coordinate the activities of various departments in larger hotels to accommodate meetings, conventions, and special events. They meet with representatives of groups or organisations to plan the number of rooms to reserve, the desired configuration of the meeting space, and banquet services. During the meeting or event, they resolve unexpected problems and monitor activities to ensure that hotel operations conform to the expectations of the group.
Hotel Sales / Marketing Director / Hotel Public Relations Director Sales or Marketing Directors and Public Relations Directors oversee the advertising and promotion of hotel operations and functions, including lodging and dining specials and special events, such as holiday or seasonal specials. They direct the efforts of their staff to purchase advertising and market their property to organisations or groups seeking a venue for conferences, conventions, business meetings, trade shows, and special events. They also coordinate media relations and answer questions from the press.
Public Relations Specialist Public Relations Specialists draft press releases and contact people in the media who might print or broadcast their material. Many radio or television special reports, newspaper stories, and magazine articles start at the desks of Public Relations Specialists. Sometimes the subject is an organisation and its policies toward its employees or its role in the community. Often the subject is a public issue, such as health, energy, or the environment, and what an organisation does to advance that issue. They also arrange and conduct programs to keep up contact between organisation representatives and the public. For example, they set up speaking engagements and often prepare speeches for company officials.
Public Relations Manager Public Relations Managers supervise public relations specialists. These managers direct publicity programs to a targeted audience. They often specialise in a specific area, such as crisis management, or in a specific industry, such as health care. They use every available communication medium to maintain the support of the specific group upon whom their organisation’s success depends, such as consumers, stockholders, or the general public. For example, they may clarify or justify the firm’s point of view on health or environmental issues to community or special-interest groups. They observe social, economic, and political trends that might ultimately affect the firm, and make recommendations to enhance the firm’s image on the basis of those trends.
Media Planner Media Planners gather information on the public’s viewing and reading habits, and evaluate editorial content and programming to determine the potential use of media such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, or the Internet. The media staff calculates the numbers and types of people reached by different media, and how often they are reached.
Media Buyer Media Buyers track the media space and times available for purchase, negotiate and purchase time and space for ads, and make sure ads appear exactly as scheduled. Additionally, they calculate rates, usage, and budgets.