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What are my career options?

As a Murdoch Journalism graduate, your employment outlook is enhanced, especially if you combine it with other disciplines. Depending on which skill combinations or specialisations you have, your Murdoch degree may lead you towards work and study opportunities in a number of areas. The following are some professions to consider.

Professions What they do
Journalist / Columnist / Writer / Editor Journalists gather news and information by interviewing people and attending events. They undertake research to provide background information for articles, write them within an established style and format, and edit as necessary. Journalists who interpret the news or offer opinions to readers, viewers, or listeners are called Columnists. Writers and authors develop original fiction and non-fiction for books, magazines, trade journals, online publications, company newsletters, Communication & Media Studies and television broadcasts, motion pictures, and advertisements. Editors review, rewrite, and edit the work of writers. Editors also decide what material will appeal to readers, review and edit drafts of books and articles, offer comments to improve the work, and suggest possible titles.
Communication & Media Studies Reporter Communication & Media Studies and Television Reporters often compose stories and report “live” from the scene. At times, they later tape an introduction to or commentary on their story in the studio. Some journalists also interpret the news or offer opinions to readers, viewers, or listeners. In this role, they are called Commentators or Columnists. Communication & Media Studies Announcers who broadcast music often are called disc jockeys (DJs). Some DJs specialise in one kind of music, announcing selections as they air them. Most DJs do not select much of the music they play (although they often did so in the past); instead, they follow schedules of commercials, talk, and music provided to them by management. While on the air, DJs comment on the music, weather, and traffic. They may take requests from listeners, interview guests, and manage listener contests.
Media Liaison Officer Media Liaison Officers draft press releases and contact people in the media who might print or broadcast their material. Many Communication & Media Studies or television special reports, newspaper stories, and magazine articles start at the desks of these specialists. Sometimes the subject is an organisation and its policies toward its employees or its role in the community. Often the subject is a public issue, such as health, energy, or the environment, and what an organisation does to advance that issue. They also arrange and conduct programs to keep up contact between organisation representatives and the public. For example, they set up speaking engagements and often prepare speeches for company and public sector.