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About Journalism (BCommun)

Learn the art and science of journalism in our advanced newsrooms and studios. As a Murdoch Journalism student you’ll combine hands-on practical experience in reporting and writing for both print and broadcast journalism. You’ll learn about the world of contemporary global media and study media technologies, communication policy, media audiences and public opinion. Combined with a second major in a related area such as Screen Production you’ll be able to turn your passion into an exciting career that can take you right round the world.

What can I do with my Journalism degree?

The field of Journalism offers a wide range of career options. In the world of print you might decide to work as a Journalist, Columnist, Writer, or Editor. You might pursue a career in television either behind the scenes or on camera. Government Departments and private corporations employ Media Liaison Officers to assist them with their public relations. During your degree you may discover a secret talent for Communication & Media Studies announcing or program production or you might find your niche as a copy writer for an advertising company.

How to apply

To apply for one of our programs you must submit all the required documentation outlined in the checklists below.

You can submit documentation via post, email, facsimile or in person. Please be aware that in order to gain a full offer you must meet our minimum entry requirements and all your original transcripts will need to be sighted by one of our Admissions Officers.

Please use the checklist below and submit all documentation before the relevant due date.

UG/MUPC Application Checklist:

  1. Complete the undergraduate application form.
  2. Submit all of your completed qualifications and the transcripts of your results.
  • This will help the university to properly assess your application.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed.
  1. Enclose certified copies of your English test score (IELTS or TOEFL) if applicable.
  2. An application fee should be included along with the application.
  • Undergraduate application fee – AED 250
  1. Submit two passport size photographs.
  2. Submit your passport copy with visa page.

Applications sent without this fee will not be processed.

Student applications

If you would like to apply for this course you can now:

What our students say


Sakina Feroz Vajihi - Bachelor of Communication - Journalism

"One of the best things about Murdoch University are the lecturers. It is inspiring to learn from people who have excelled in the field of Journalism. The amount of enthusiasm and expertise they bring to the degree is fantastic. A degree in Journalism is strongly recommended for anyone wanting to get into the industry, because they are looking for the most broadly skilled candidates."