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Course Details

Length of course One or Two 14-week periods of full time study
Fee information AED 6,500 per unit
Location Dubai International Academic City
Murdoch course code 056693C

This course is comprised of six units, with three taken in each of two trimesters. The academic calendar is organised to allow students completing the MDFP to enter the undergraduate degree programs during either of the university’s semester intakes.

Program Duration

The program is conducted in 14 week teaching periods, three times per year.  Each unit is taught for 1.5 hours per day, five days per week, with an additional 1.5 hour guided study period for a total of 108 hours per subject.

Class Offerings

Required Units

Critical Thinking, Research, and Writing

The ability to conduct research, critically analyse information, and effectively communicate information in both verbal and written formats is likely the single most important skillset anyone can learn.  This practical unit provides a strong foundation in each of these vital skills.

Mathematical Foundations

Nearly all undergraduate programs and nearly all careers require fundamental mathematics and statistics skills.  This unit introduces university level mathematics and statistics and provides students with the mathematical foundation they need to succeed.

Information Technology

Being able to effectively use information technology is vital to success in university education and the world of business.  This hands-on course will give students solid foundation in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and database applications, as well as, an understanding of how to use a computer and the internet safely.

Elective Units


Anytime two or more people are together management and leadership skill are needed.  This unit provides students with a basic understanding of management and leadership to prepare them for an undergraduate degree or minor in business.


An understanding of economics is necessary to make good personal and business financial decisions.  This unit helps students understand micro and macro economics and their use and impacts in the real world.


Accurately tracking personal and business finances is a skill that everyone requires.  This unit makes accounting both fun and understandable while preparing students for an undergraduate degree or minor in business.

Introduction to Programming

For students planning a career in any technology field, a basic understanding computer programming is crucial.  This hands-on unit provides students the opportunity to gather requirements, develop algorithms, and write computer programs.

Combined Sciences

Second only to critical thinking, an understanding of the process of science and the discoveries of science prepares students for the high level of thinking that is necessary for success in university studies and more importantly, in life.  Using astronomy and astrobiology as a foundation, this unit covers the basics of physics, chemistry, and biology.