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Murdoch University Presents CLASS OF ‘84:

"A rollercoaster ride about friendship filled with laughter and pathos!!"


Murdoch University Presents CLASS OF ‘84Taking place in October 2002, the play is set in the beach home of Raveena and Sanjay Mehra, over one long and emotional evening. Seven friends, who were a tightly knit group, in St. Xavier’s College have gathered, because of the death of an eighth, Jojo. The evening begins with gentle banter and affectionate nostalgia, but lurking below the surface are old conflicts, unresolved issues, unconsummated romances and unhealed scars. As the evening wears on, the layers begin to gradually peel away. Can the seven friends renew old ties? Can they accept each other’s personality flaws? But most of all will old skeletons fall unwittingly out of the cupboard? All this is revealed as the seven friends seek to find out the real cause of their friend’s death, which they realize isn’t as clear-cut as it first seemed.

Written and Directed by Rahul da Cunha

The Cast: Rajit Kapur, Shernaz Patel, Sohrab Ardeshir, Zafar Karachiwala, Devika Shahani, Vikrant Chaturvedi, Rituraj, Anahita Uberoi

Date: Saturday 18th April 2009

Venue: Sheikh Rashid Auditorium, Indian High School

Time: Doors open at 6pm – the play starts at 8pm

TICKETS: Tickets will be sold by the organizer, Thinkline Marketing and Events, tel. 04 2828180 or email aparna@thinkline.ae. Murdoch Dubai also has some free tickets available for anyone interested in seeing the play on first come first served basis.

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  • “It made you laugh, it made you cry. And amidst all that, it revived old memories of college life.” -Pune Times
  • “The script reflected the modern Indian ethos, with all eight characters distilled to near perfection and easily identifiable as someone all of us know. This characterization immediately established a rapport between the audience and the players on stage who were able to fling the sense of fun they were having right across the room.” -Khaleej Times, Dubai
  • “It is hard to believe that Class of ’84 is Rahul da Cunha’s debut play as a writer. Harder still to believe that words can be handled with such precision.” -Tribune, Chandigarh
  • “Da Cunha’s play is about the intangible tricky thing called human relationships. There’s a tight plot with lines that come fast and bang on time. While the play makes you think a little and wonder how much you really know your friends, it certainly doesn’t lose the shining quality of entertainment that is etched in every aspect of the production.” -Indian Express, Chennai
  • “A toast to friendship of the rare precious kind that allows you to bare your souls” -Nonika Singh, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh